Provides seamless session management for conferences, seminars, workshops and other educational events.

Enables organisers to distribute a vast amount of speaker presentations to simultaneous session rooms or wherever else they might be needed including translation booths, media centres.

Through a pre-designed interface, distributed presentations are accessible via session room screens providing each presenter a timeslot in a specific date and time, providing a smooth transition from one presentation to another as well a peace of mind for presenters and organisers.

Other benefits include:
  • It eliminates human and technical error – no personal laptops in session rooms
  • It minimises administration work and onsite technical support.
  • In-built reporting features allow event managers gain total control of session management including late submissions, delays, session room changes and as well cancellations.
  • Integration with other SLE solutions incl. SLE Digital signage provides automated corresponding updates for session schedules.
  • Centralised management allows organisers to collaborate with committees and other monitoring groups who involve session management irrespective of their locations.
  • SLE Presentation Manager is cross device, enabling presenters maximized knowledge dissemination and thereby impact: Easy publishing of presentations to the web (Content repositories), mobile devices and digital hand-outs (CDs, USB flash drives etc.) enables delegates to access knowledge from any platform.
Menu Wizard:
  • All speaker content collected into one content library.
  • Build session room menus with drag and drop functionality.
  • Attach speaker content to conference schedule.
  • User-friendly presentation display in session rooms for easy presentation management by AV-Crew or session chair.
Presentation Display
Presentation display for easy access to speaker content in session rooms.
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